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Исследование зависимости радиуса траектории электрона от индукции магнитного поля и его энергии с помощью экспериментальной установки в рамках Курчатовского проекта

Работа призёра открытой городской научно-практической конференции «Курчатовский проект: от знаний к практике, от практики к результату» в секции «Мастер-класс на иностранном языке» среди работ учащихся 8−9 классов.

Направление работы: Робототехника, Физика элементарных частиц
Авторы работы: ГБОУ Школа № 1449
Предметы: Физика
Классы: 9 класс
Мероприятия: «Курчатовский проект: от знаний к практике, от практики к результату» 11 апреля 2018 года


Nowadays, scientists are exploring the history of the origin of the Universe and the process of evolution with the help of an accelerator of elementary particles, the principle of whichis based on the motion of charged particles in a magnetic field. Therefore, we are interested in experiments that can demonstrate this process and its results.



The demonstration of the dependence of the electron trajectory radius on the magnetic field induction and its energy.


•        explore literary sources

•        conduct experiments by installing the device to determine the specific charge

•        find out practical applications of the device and its potential benefits


During the experiment we carried out the following steps:

1.      Assembled the installation, connected the sensors and the webcam to the computer.

2.      Started the installation (warm up).

3.      Turned on the computer, launched the program "Workshop on physics "and chose the scenario "Determination of specific charge".

4.      Sent the current in the coils clockwise and set the maximum current in the coils

5.      Put the maximum accelerating voltage on the electron gun.

6.      Turning the lamp around the vertical axis, received the trajectory of electrons in a circle.

7.      Closed the light-proof screen.

8.      Started the measurement. Set the voltage on the electron gun and the current in the coils to maximum values. Took a photo.

9.      Guided by indications of the magnetic field sensor, reduced the current in coils 2 times. Took a photo.

10.      Reduce the energy of the electrons by a factor of 2 by changing the accelerating voltage. Took a photo.

11.      Repeated steps 9 and 10 for the other values of tension and energy of electrons. Took a photo.

12.      Processed the pictures to obtain the radius of the trajectory.

13.      Made tables and graphs.


The dependence of a trajectory of an electron on the energy of magnetic field and magnetic induction was confirmed by the experiment.

The principle of the device lies at the basis of the particle accelerator, the cathode-ray tube, which is used for projecting images (TV sets, computers, oscilloscopes, instruments for medical hardware diagnostics).